The Future Of Technology

The Future Of Technology

Technology is growing with leaps and bounds.  New microchips, faster processors and even software innovations are creeping into the marketplace.  With all of this innovation in technology knowing what will happen in the future is changing on a daily basis. 

Where will technology go in the future?  I guess the easiest thing to do is pick and place the new innovation into our current framework and see what happens.  At present the new area of innovation seems to be in cloud technology.  With the development of the cloud, tools, resources and accessibility to millions of people are now possible.  

pick and place

SAS or software as a service is the new way applications are being offered.  In the early years of software development, shareware was king.  In this model people would give out a limited version of the software program for people to play or use.  For games it would be a level or two and for applications the ability to save or print would be disabled.  In today’s market the SAS model is used.  With the ability to host software in the cloud the SAS model has taken off allowing easy access to applications, quick and instant updates to the software and the ability to have lower barrier to entry costs allowing people to gain access to the programs as needed.

Virtual reality will probably be the next huge frontier in development.  With the oculus rift and other VR helmets and goggles becoming available the creation of virtual reality environments is now much easier to do.  With VR game developers and even the commercial industry is taking advantage of the technology.  Now, real estate agents can send potential clients a virtual package of homes in their area they may be interested in buying.  With the VR technology clients can move virtually through the space as if they were really there.  Then, if the experience suits them scheduling a physical tour can be more effective and profitable for the agent.